3720 Square Meters

Property Features:

✓ Mountains
✓ Municipal WaterX Ranchland
✓ Ocean View ✓ Grid Power✓ Primary Forest
✓ Mountain View
X Hydroelectric Potential X Secondary Forest
✓ Beachfront
X Farmland X Streams

The Lomas de Cocobolo property consists of two hills in Camaronal beach, with stunning ocean views.A-type plots are on top of the hill, B-type plots are on the southern slope, and C and D are at the base. Common areas have been located on the northern slope where there are no ocean views.

The land at the top of Lomas de cocobolo has the highest value, as it combines unique characteristics: stunning pan- oramic sea views to the south; relatively flat terraces and north views to the forest. Sit- uated at approximately 100 m.a.s.l., these plots also ben- efit from the refreshing winds coming from the beach as well as the therapeutic sound of the Camaronal beach waves.

These plots are a key component for the proj- ect’s financial plan as they have the highest value per square meter and the biggest area per plot. In order to guard clear terraces and sea views in the south, ve- hicle access is located on the north side of the plote.

The above features Re- spect Camaronal Re- serve’s environmental regulations, which call for low-density develop- ments on the hills, and rigorous control of light intensity from vehicles and houses (as it has a negative effect on sea turtles).